William Thomas

Playing Career


Main Hitting Hand




Playing Style

Aggressive return

Association With Official Downball

Player, Founder, Official Downball committee member


William was one of the 4 founders of Official Downball. Will's form through his Career has been very patchy where sometime dominating sometimes he can go through a day without a win. Will does some teriffic push returns. Will is sometimes called Harry because of his Harry Potter like appearance. Will has a huge rivalry with Casey Harrison.

William Memberships

On the 3/7/13 William Thomas memberships were released. Will has so far got 1 member while he is not expected to get as many as Alan's 20,000 he is expected to get at least half this amount.

One possible reason for his low membership count is his lack of gametime in 2013 where he was noticably absent for the majority of the year