Ryan Nedeljkovic

Ryan Nedeljkovic the face of Official Downball

Ryan Nedeljkovic

Playing career


Main Hitting Hand



Left of court, medium distance from wall

Main Hitting Style

General return

Association With Official Downball

Player, Official Downball committee member


Ryan is one of the main people behind Official Downball although not as much as the four founders. Often known as the "wet weather king" ryan or rhino plays his best in the wet or close to the wall. Ryan dominates the court with his size and presence. Ryan plays some very damaging shots especially with his left hand. Ryan is a  regular player. He often claims that he is at least 10 metres tall.

Official Ryan Membership Ad

On 27th June Ryan Nedeljkovic memberships were launched with his membership ad. The ad features Ryan playing some shots and dominating the court with his huge size.