Laws of Official Downball
These laws need to be altered when this sport becomes professional and global.

Law 1 (The players)

1. Number of Players

A game is played between 3 or more players. Competition games are to be played between 5-8 players.

2. Nomination of Players

All players willing to play shall inform the other players that they want to play. All players who are playing must be standing within the court with the exception of laws 1.2a and 1.2b if that condition is not met then that/those player/s shall not participate in that game.

a) A player may be granted permission to be seated at or off the court at the starting of a game provided that the majority of the players agree to it. If the player doesn’t join in by the time prior to a third of the players going out, he shall not be allowed to enter the game except by the majority of the players agreeing to let that player in to the game.

b) If a player wants to join in a game that has already started and he has not previously informed the other players, he shall only be able to join in if less than a third of the players were already out and two thirds or more of the players still in agree to let him in the game.

However a) and b) can’t occur in competitions or games that go towards ranking points.