Jack Love

Playing Career


Main Hitting Hand



Left court, medium distance from the wall

Main Hitting Style

Spin return

Association With Official Downball

Player, Official Downball committee member, President of Official Downball, Chairmen of the Umpires Board, promoter


Jack or "The Great" as he is known by his followers as was one of the 4 founders of Offcial Downball and he is also a star Player of the game and arguably the best. He is well known for his incredible shots and trademark serving style. Jack when he is on can absolutely dominate the court returning anything and playing any shot. Some of Jack's most famous returns are his 'Third pole down shot' and his 'Behind the wall between the legs shot'. Jack has been the main driving force behind spreading Official Downball. Jack formed the Official Downball YouTube channel and with some help from Casey Harrison started a online advertising campainge. Jack was the main person who created the rules of the game which make the game what it is today. Jack has one famous quote. He also played in the longest game ever. He is regarded as the most complete downballer which has lead to him winning three consecutive player of the year awards.

'Playing Style'

Jack is an extremely good player returning some rediculous shots. He is widely regarded as the most complete downballer. Jack out of all players probably puts the most spin on the ball. He was probably the first player in the game how could play evenly and well on birth sides of his body. He has a trademark serving style which often frustrates other players because of the time it takes for him to serve the ball. If Jack wasn't so attacking with his positioning and positive with his play he would win a lot more games but refuses to do this as this isn't what people want to see and this comes with low levels of respect and regard. Austin Wright skill to return it, Jack however is too proud to use such a weak tactic like the Blender does and chooses to test his skill and show off immense talents to the fans.

'Official Downball Memberships'

Jack came up with the idea of people becoming members of players. Most players didn't really believe that they would get members with the exception "Blender" Sutherland who set a very lofty target of 20,000. He hasn't got a membership ad because of other downball related priorties but should have one up on YouTube in the not so distant future. He has currently as of 19/03/13 got 1 member