Blocking is where one player uses his body to stop another player from hitting the ball. At times its use has been implemented heavily by Ryan NedeljkovicCasey Harrison and Geoffrey Spacek but is often used by all players. There have been several motions to ban it from downball but these so far have been unsuccessful. It is quite fround apon and its use at the new court has become rarer

Advantages and Disadvantages

One major advantage is making it so one player cannot reach the ball thus the ball bounceing twice and them going out. The other advantage is knocking the player off balence in the shot.

The big disadvantage is that the blocker can easily accidentally get hit by the ball thus going out.

Often the play is replayed because there is not enough evidence to suggest that there was deliberate blocking however it was deemed that there was too much interference for the player to play a shot

The current interpretation is that the player must make a genuine attempt to hit the ball the get the replay