Ben Robb

Playing Career

2011 - 2014

Main Hitting Hand



Center Right

Association with Official Downball



Ben Robb has long been a key player in Official Downball. Known by his followers as a "beast" he was a force on the court in his early years. Most notably was his push for the use of a basketball in games.

Crippled by injury Ben's final year was spent quietly in the mid court

Push for Basketball Use

It was Ben who was instrumental in creating a small break away league in which a basketball was used. This played into his strengths with the large amount of force needed on the ball. It also appealed to his suspect pushing action. Eventually the breakaway code died off and many of the players returned to Official Downball where the use of a basketball was rare.

Playing Style

Ben has an extremely conservative playing style, favoring to remain in stead of attacking. This often results in games where he lasts to the last few players before his lack of mobility due to injury hampers his game.