Austin Wright

Playing Career


Main Hitting Hand



Middle-right of court, far from the wall

Main Hitting Style

General Return

Association With Official Downball

Player, former ball supplier, Official Downball committee member


Was one of the worst players in Official Downball history. Austin maintains a rear court location to prevent himself from going out so early on in the game. Well know for his losses against minor players including giving the first win to a girl. Austin's skill has varied a lot over his time in the game. Originally he was bad then with the aid of positioning himself at the back of the court he worked himself up to an good player. Once other players worked out Austin's approach he became a little worse, however due to the fact that he had to play more shots his skill level has increased. As of the 10/10/12 Austin is regarded as the worst player in history to have ever played the game, taking over from the horrrendous James. This title was then passed between a few different minor players. Austin was early on the main ball supplier of Official Downball.

Playing Style

Austin is an ambidextrous player and mainly positions himself middle of court far back from the wall. Having played Official Downball for such a long time he has gained the abilty to hit aswell with both hands, unfortuantely though he still manages so hit the ball out of play on the full causing him to go out. Austin often has extreme difficulty returning even the most basic of shots.He can often get into the last few players, but he only gets this far because he hides at the back of the court and plays the shots that he must. Austin is serial blocker in the game of downball but because of there often being no umpires he isn't often pulled up on this blocking. Austin often goes out from overhitting the ball because he lacks control. Austin has claimed the invention of the between the legs and return shot and the over the sholder over the cage return.