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Alan Sutherland

Playing Career


Main Hitting Hand



Middle court, medium distance from the wall

Main Hitting Style

Slight spin return

Association With Official Downball

Player, Official Downball committee member, Treasurer

2014 Membership Target


Total Members (As of 12/10/14)



Alan better known as "The Blender" is well known for his red hair and his electric nature, he was one of the four founders of Official Downball. Alan first played downball on 23/9/11 when downball first started. Alan often plays shots describable as "crafty" and is normally a middle court, right handed player. He is one of the only downball players that utilizes the grunt. Alan often blends his opponents to pieces with some of his shots. The first ever Official Downball card practice was made of Alan.

Playing Style

Alan has long been one of the colossal forces in Official Downball. He possesses great poise and produces damaging shots from a strong base. Alan returns mostly with his right hand but is also strong at returning with his left hand, albeit with less power. Many of Alan’s harder shots deviate significantly towards the service lines and these often result in the returner needing to stretch in order to make the return. Alan introduced the concept of torque to the game and this has been instrumental in changing the way downball is thought of. He places subtle amounts of varying spin on his returns this has resulted in some of his play being described as “crafty”.

Alan Sutherland Memberships

Alan Sutherland's membership ad was released on the 24/6/13, it features Alan in action playing downball to the Rocky Theme Song. Many doubters said that Alan would never get members they were quickly proved wrong. As of the 5/8/13 Alan has 5 members.

Recent History

The game has recently became increasingly popular with player numbers surging close to 20 players during 1 game. Since these extreme numbers have started playing, Alan has won an unbelievable number of games. 17 wins out of 40 in total, propelling him to, in his opinion, No. 1 ranked player in the world. Some of Alan's play had been brilliant but this was mostly as a result of hiding on the "safe side" of the court which is considered to be a fairly weak negative tactic.

This short burst amounting to nothing for Alan when a double fault was called against him. Alan refused to leave the court and was needed to be forceably removed from the court. This display was seen as disastrous for the games image and so he was immediately reported. At the tribunal it was decided that Alan had indeed brought the game into disrepute and he was given a 2 match suspension. Alan pleaded not guilty but the charges were not overruled. Alan's year then began to implode with coping abuse from players and spectators his gameplay rapidly began to decline choosing to use weak, negative tactics which ultimately lead to his membership tally only reaching 5.