The 2015 season started organically after a mass retirement of players after the 2014 season. With all new players from various backgrounds, new rules were developed and a new court established. It is unclear exactly when the season started and standard rules were created, however, some believe that the first game (in its current recognizable form) was played in late 2014 or early 2015. The popularity of 2015 rules significantly increased towards the middle of 2015 and peaked around October of the same year. These days, games are only played on an irregular basis by a handful of semi-retired players from the '15 season.The 2016 season maintained a pitiful player base.

Rules Edit

The game is played with a high-bounce or a tennis ball (as per the player's discretion). Players arrange themselves in 'order' or in a 'line.' The order is defined depending on how many games have been played in that session. If it is the first round, the order is random and essentially first in best dressed. Once the first game has concluded, the order is defined by the position each player finished in. For example, the person who wins takes the position of the server, second place takes second in line, third in third and so on.

Each round is started by a server who either hits or throws the ball at the ground towards the wall. The ball must hit the ground once and then rebound against the wall back into play. The player next in order then attempts to hit the ball in the same fashion. Every round, one person is eliminated from the game. Players are eliminated when they fail to hit the ball against the wall or hit the ball out of order. A player can also be eliminated if they they 'scoop' shot. A 'scoop' is when the ball is not hit, rather is guided in a way not dissimilar to a throw.

There is no referee, instead the rules are enforced by the players in the session and the alleged offender's 'good faith'.

Accidental fouls that are not negligent on the offenders part are grounds for the round to be replayed in its entirety.